Children’s Literacy

Children’s Literacy Programs in the Paul Sweitzer Children’s Reading Room

Reading Room — Daily from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

After sharing their evening meal with family in our dining room, children are supported in their reading and homework by volunteers—many of whom are retired educators. Additionally, these children get to take home books to keep and treasure.

Children’s Literacy Events

  • Love of Reading Week. [February 9th-14th daily from 4-5:30 pm].  During this week the children will participate in literacy activities that promote functional reading skills i.e. reading directions to make Valentine’s Day cards and to play a variety of games.  The children will also write their own Valentine’s Day cards and read Valentine’s Day stories.
  • Hatch a Reader Educational Event.  [April] This two-hour event, held on a Saturday, will promote functional reading skills.  Children will participate in writing Easter cards, reading and following written directions to create and decorate eggs.  Children with take home books and baskets that celebrate Spring.
  • Harvest of Books.  [October] The Harvest of Books event, held on a Saturday, will provide children with ‘take home’ books, as well as participate in a variety of language games, storytelling activities, and read in a ‘Bat Cave.’ Additionally the children will decorate/carve pumpkins and write stories about their Halloween costumes.
  • Gift of Reading.  [December] This Saturday event provides opportunities for children to create books for loved ones, write a “shopping list” for gift shopping, shop in the “Elves’ Corner,” get a picture taken with Santa and write about their experience.  The children will also be able to take home holiday books.

Summer Enrichment Program.

  • Four week Summer Reading Enrichment Program.  [June-July] This four week event provides a variety of opportunities to practice literacy skills.  These include: reading the schedule of events, journaling about their daily experiences … younger children dictating to older children, reading directions to make art projects, going on field trips and writing about their experience.