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Q Tech Heating and Cooling LLC

by Debra M. Cooper

Ricardo QuinteroThe expression holds that “a good man is hard to find.” This is absolutely not the case if you are stuck in the middle of a horrific Flagstaff snowstorm and your furnace experiences an unexpected malfunction. Then, a very good man is simply a phone call away. Ricardo Quintero is the owner of Q Tech Heating and Cooling LLC, a company he and his wife launched in 2013.

Ricardo’s knowledge and expertise is vast–he installs and services heating and cooling units in both the commercial and residential markets. Additionally, he and his crew restore equipment such as fryers, ovens, ice machines, and refrigerators in local restaurants and businesses. Basically, if an appliance or machine has anything to do with hot or cold, they can fix it.

Because of his incredible ability, to say nothing of his good heart, Ricardo is an extremely valuable friend to the Flagstaff Family Food Center. He understands the magnitude and importance of our mission. If a walk-in refrigerator fails to function, it must be fixed immediately or valuable food will be lost. He provides service at a dramatically reduced cost or no charge at all.

“God has blessed me so much,” he said. “Giving back is just the right thing to do.”

Although raised in Riverside, CA, he and his wife, Suzanne, have been Flagstaff residents for 14 years. They have two sons: Christopher, 15, and Ryan, 11.

“As a previous small-business owner, I am amazed at the dedication and commitment of Ricardo toward his craft,” said Steve Saville, executive director of the FFFC. “Not only does he demonstrate a tremendous work ethic, but he and his wife are equally dedicated to our mission.”

Ricardo and Suzanne plan on remaining in Flagstaff for many years to come, which is good news for us. When asked if he has ever met his match at the food kitchen he said with great confidence, and possibly fingers crossed behind his back, “Not yet.”

Whether at your business or in your home, if you have heating or cooling needs, call Q Tech Heating and Cooling LLC at 928-527-4200.